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Nathan S. Deaver, Esq

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Brice J. Crafton, Esq

Brice is licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts of Nevada. Since becoming licensed, Brice's practice has been exclusively dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have been injured by the negligence of others. Before co-founding Deaver & Crafton, Brice spent the last 10 years working for top trial lawyers in Las Vegas where he gained the knowledge and experience to handle any type and size of personal injury case, but most importantly, he learned what it takes to win. With drive, passion, and enthusiasm, Brice takes a very aggressive approach in the representation of his clients with an aim to maximize their recovery and to efficiently bring justice for all of the harms and losses that have been caused. Taking a personalized approach to each case, Brice prides himself on getting to know his clients with an interest in understanding the toll a traumatic event has taken so that he can better serve the clients' needs.
In addition to personal injury cases, Brice is also experienced in DUI defense, diminished value of motor vehicles, and traffic citation matters.
Brice has been selected by The National Trial Lawyers as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” as well as “Top 40 Under 40” and has also been named “Top 40 Litigation Lawyer Under 40” by the American Society of Legal Advocates.
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My wife picked up a speeding ticket and was planning on going to court, driving school, etc which was going to take up a huge amount of time. I told her to call Nathan @ Deaver & Crafton to get this taken care of. They quickly handled everything, zero points on her license and no traffic school! All it took was a phone call, a copy of her ticket and that was it. Highly recommend giving Nathan a call if you get in a bind like this and his office will handle everything for you. Thanks Nathan!!

Michael M. 05-13-17

Best lawyer in Vegas! He was extremely attentive during my case and was very prompt in answering any questions or concerns I had. He resolved my case very quickly and professionally, other than the initial arrest, I received No Jail Time!

Dec. 10. 2016